Giant Gray’s Graydient platform is an advanced, machine learning solution that teaches itself and continuously learns the expected operating conditions purely through observation. This autonomous, adaptive approach provides scale and accuracy beyond what is attainable with traditional, modeling-based approaches. Graydient provides actionable insights from massive volumes of data across multiple sensor types, even in ever-changing industrial environments. This unique, patented, self-learning data-fusion platform delivers real-time insight and contextual intelligence for safety, security and operational efficiency without requiring pre-defined rules, models, custom programming or data analytics expertise. Graydient is highly scalable, adaptable and offers solutions via Graydient-V for Video, Graydient-S for SCADA and Graydient-C for Cyber.


Graydient-V for Video is a highly scalable solution that gives organizations the ability to effectively monitor thousands of cameras at once, where the technology learns normal vs. anomalous behavior within data streams and issues real-time insights that enable security personnel to hone in on potential threats. Graydient-V autonomously learns what constitutes normal behavior within a video camera’s field of view. When anomalous activity is detected, security and operations personnel receive real-time video alert clips that act as proactive, early-warnings, enabling security personnel to better assess vulnerabilities and mitigate risk in real time

Graydient-V continuously adapts and evolves, automatically adjusting to and learning what constitutes “normal” behavior even as environmental conditions evolve. This dynamic, self-learning approach to analytics not only produces manageable and relevant alerts, but also makes it possible for Graydient-V to detect truly unexpected and unpredictable events, which are often the most dangerous and costly. Graydient-V allows city-wide infrastructures and enterprise-class operations to effectively monitor thousands of cameras in a real-time, proactive fashion, without data overload.

Graydient-V is highly scalable, allowing it to be deployed as a stand-alone solution or within a distributed architecture to meet organizational needs.

Graydient-V Key Benefits:

  • Proactive Anomaly Detection produces real-time video alert clips as anomalous behavior occurs.
  • Scalable Situational Awareness allows hundreds and even thousands of cameras to be deployed in hours and monitored 24/7.
  • Elevated Protection Levels enhances visibility and efficiency for security personnel.
  • Continuous Adaptive Learning allows Graydient technology to continuously teach itself normal behavior patterns without trip wires, zones of interest, directional flow or custom programming.

Integration Options:

Graydient-V’s open-systems design is highly scalable and can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of VMS and PSIM solutions

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