Giant Gray’s Graydient platform is an advanced, machine learning solution that teaches itself and continuously learns the expected operating conditions purely through observation. This autonomous, adaptive approach provides scale and accuracy beyond what is attainable with traditional, modeling-based approaches. Graydient provides actionable insights from massive volumes of data across multiple sensor types, even in ever-changing industrial environments. This unique, patented, self-learning data-fusion platform delivers real-time insight and contextual intelligence for safety, security and operational efficiency without requiring pre-defined rules, models, custom programming or data analytics expertise. Graydient is highly scalable, adaptable and offers solutions via Graydient-V for Video, Graydient-S for SCADA and Graydient-C for Cyber.



Graydient-S for SCADA brings new levels of intelligence to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) industrial operations by providing direct insight into rapidly changing conditions as they develop and before alarm thresholds are reached. Graydient recognizes the subtle and often-overlooked blips in the data stream that serve as early indicators to pending upset conditions, identifying anomalous behavior correlations across multi-sensor composite groupings, and allowing operators to focus on the relevant data points for investigation and action. This added layer of protection gives operators a proactive, early-warning alert that enables preventative measures to be taken to mitigate process and equipment failure, and other safety issues.

Graydient-S is the ideal solution for organizations that want to improve the safety, security and efficiency of their operations along with boosting ROI through maximized production, lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime. Graydient-S provides actionable insights beyond traditional alarm limits by understanding normal conditions. Graydient-S analyzes data between the known failure points to provide early indicators of behavior deviations when system trends are not performing as expected.

Graydient-S Key Benefits:

  • Proactive Anomaly Detection alerts operators to abnormal activity before alarm thresholds are reached.
  • Enhanced Integrity Management provides real-time, enhancement to condition-based maintenance.
  • Superior Proactive Monitoring indicates subtle anomalies – even within a “normative” range – that can be precursors to equipment failure.
  • Optimized Production Management helps prevent stop-and-loss issues.
  • Expanded Operator Visibility delivers direct and real-time insight into sensor health.

Delivery Methods:

Graydient - S for SCADA is available in both real-time and historical analysis modes to meet an organization’s unique needs.

On-Premise – An on-site installation provides 24/7 real-time analysis and alerting that scales to tens of thousands of sensors across remote and geographically dispersed locations. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available for integration with an organization’s existing HMI.

Forensic Analysis – A professional service offering where customer-provided historical data is processed through the Graydient platform to produce charts of anomalous behaviors. Reports provide data scientists and other end-users with a quick view of anomalies, insight to help them further drive operational efficiency or system process improvements.

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