Graydient-C To Be Released in 2017

Giant Gray’s Graydient platform is an advanced, machine learning solution that teaches itself and continuously learns the expected operating conditions purely through observation. This autonomous, adaptive approach provides scale and accuracy beyond what is attainable with traditional, modeling-based approaches. Graydient provides actionable insights from massive volumes of data across multiple sensor types, even in ever-changing industrial environments. This unique, patented, self-learning data-fusion platform delivers real-time insight and contextual intelligence for safety, security and operational efficiency without requiring pre-defined rules, models, custom programming or data analytics expertise. Graydient is highly scalable, adaptable and offers solutions via Graydient-V for Video, Graydient-S for SCADA and Graydient-C for Cyber.


Graydient-C for Cyber Security is a true machine learning-based defense against information security threats. Cyberattacks against financial institutions, retail organizations and critical infrastructure providers have become a regular feature of modern life. Further, modern malware and intrusion avenues are adaptive and more intelligent than ever before. The pervasiveness and repeated successes of these sophisticated attacks make it clear that the traditional statistical and signature-based countermeasures in use today are simply inadequate. The resulting disruption of business, negative publicity, and impact on revenue can be crippling. That’s where Giant Gray comes in: We see anomalies within large volumes of data to help stop potential threats in the cyber security space before they begin.

Graydient-C is self-learning, adapts with the cyber environment and teaches itself normal flow patterns through observation on the wire. It then learns what activities are normal within computer systems, internal networks and servers, and issues an early-warning alert to IT staff of anomalous activity before potential damage or information breaches occur. The self-learning capability of Graydient-C allows it to adapt automatically to changing patterns within information systems as business needs evolve. Graydient-C also provides actionable intelligence from external and internal network traffic without any pre-programming, threshold rules, threat models, or lookup libraries.

Graydient-C Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Business Risk that turns “unknowns” into manageable rules, reducing risk of lost profit or customer loss as a result of an unplanned outage or data breach.
  • Improved Human Effectiveness by alerting to significant events in advance of an “emergency,” allowing teams to focus on true issues rather than reacting to (or dismissing) every alert. Additionally, narrowing the focus for response means fewer analysts required at similar data volumes.
  • Reduced Growth in Costs through improving system and human effectiveness in the face of growing data volumes, allowing teams to handle larger volumes, slowing the growth of upgrades or additional headcount.

Integration Options:

  • Utilizing a robust API-based architecture, Graydient integrates into all existing Operational and Information Technology infrastructures. It collects data regardless of format or protocol, including structured, semi-structured or unstructured data.
  • Once integration begins, so does the machine learning. Graydient performs a deep review on all data, identifying patterns, establishing normal behavior and ranges, and subsequently alerting to anomalous behavior. Depending on the customer workflow, these anomalies can be presented as alerts in the Giant Gray interface, or directly integrated into existing dashboards, or alerting infrastructure.

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