A cognitive learning-based video analytics system recognizes and alerts anomalous behaviors for increased reaction time

Graydient for Campus Environments

Corporate, school, and hospital campuses typically are open environments, which makes implementing effective security protocols challenging. A sprawling campus encompassing a large area makes it impossible for police or security guards to be everywhere at once. When there is a significant threat, such as an unauthorized person on campus or worst-case scenario – an active shooter, reaction time is critical.

Graydient-V for Video Analytics

Giant Gray’s Graydient platform is a powerful artificial intelligence solution that uses cognitive neuro-linguistic behavioral recognition technology to identify anomalous patterns of activity. Graydient’s multi-sensor data analysis delivers alerts in real-time, so that facilities managers can react immediately to mitigate threats at corporate, education, or hospital campuses. Self-learning technology enables Graydient to adapt to new cameras and camera moves without rules or custom programming.

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