The Giant Gray Difference:

Giant Gray addresses the limitations of existing analytics technologies through its Graydient technology platform: an advanced, cognitive neurolinguistics solution that teaches itself to recognize and alert users to abnormal behavior patterns within massive volumes of data across multiple sensor types. This multi-sensor, data-fusion approach allows Graydient to be used across multiple business units within an enterprise and provides insights with greater context through composite sensor correlations of traditionally siloed data sources. The system was designed from the ground up to detect the unexpected – and do so at extreme scale – both from a throughput and industry-application perspective. Graydient learns what data or activity is normal in a given data stream and provides analysts and operators with an alert whenever anomalies are identified that could threaten operations. Graydient integrates easily into existing data analysis strategies, from video surveillance to network monitoring (cyber) and industrial control systems (SCADA) applications.

Industry Capabilities:

Giant Gray’s Graydient platform is highly scalable and works across various large, complex physical environments, providing proactive integrity management, real-time event precursor alerts, superior enhancement to condition-based and predictive maintenance, optimized production management, and expanded operator visibility in areas such as:

The Graydient Technology Platform:

Graydient is a multi-sensor, data-fusion software platform that autonomously learns the normal patterns of behaviors across a massive number of sensors, and alerts to anomalies or potential system threats. Graydient stands apart from traditional analytics with its cognitive neurolinguistic approach to machine learning, meaning it creates a custom language to describe the data from scratch and is not limited to primitive, baseline behavior models from the start. This patented approach to identifying the subtle, unpredictable, and often-overlooked blips in the data stream that serve as early indicators to potential incidents is the Giant Gray difference. Graydient is a multi-sensor solution with applications in industrial (SCADA/ICS), physical security and surveillance, and cyber security environments.

Technology Leadership:

Giant Gray builds upon more than 10 years of innovative research and development in machine learning technology as it brings to market cutting-edge, multi-sensor, data-fusion analytics solutions. Its Graydient platform – with solutions for SCADA, video and cyber – leverage the award-winning technology of the first reason-based, behavioral data analytics system. Giant Gray now boasts more than 150 patents in its intellectual property portfolio, making it a top-10 leader in machine learning technology along with companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft.